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  • Microwave sintering cavity
    24 Mar 2017

    The core of the microwave oven is the microwave sintering cavity, the cavity design can ensure that energy coupling and ...

  • Microwave generator and microwave reaction chamber
    23 Mar 2017

    General experimental microwave sintering system hardware is usually from the microwave source, waveguide, heating chambe...

  • Microwave characteristics
    22 Mar 2017

    The microwave has electromagnetic properties such as reflection, transmission, interference, diffraction, polarization, ...

  • Advantages of microwave heating
    21 Mar 2017

    Microwave heating and traditional heating method is completely different, is the microwave energy into the heated medium...

  • Microwave sintering technology
    17 Mar 2017

    Microwave sintering technology is the use of microwave electromagnetic field and the material structure of the microstru...

  • Microwave heating technology description
    16 Mar 2017

    Microwave heating technology is a combination of microwave technology and materials science interdisciplinary. Involved ...

  • The unique advantages of the microwave
    15 Mar 2017

    Microwave penetrates the material inside the heating and the characteristics without high-temperature heat medium, when ...

  • Principle of microwave welding
    14 Mar 2017

    Microwave welding is the use of microwave electromagnetic field and material interaction, so that the material is heated...

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