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LFWG20L Industrial Microwave municipal water treatment systems equipment and industrial water treatment systems 

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 LFWG20L Industrial Microwave municipal water treatment systems equipment and industrial water treatment systems Application:

The equipment can be used for high concentration chemical waste water, waste water, municipal waste water, municipal sewage and variety industrial waste water.Microwave waste water treatment technology is the use of microwave thermal effects and non-thermal effects of absorbing select "sensitizer" to microwave energy transfer contaminants from water chemical reaction induced by physical and chemical effects of pollutants in water degradation, transformation, accelerate the body the solid, liquid separation.In order to achieve the purpose of purification of sewage, water treatment is a new revolution in the field, with water microwave technology sewage treatment, no secondary pollution, can be completely reused.


LFWG20L Industrial Microwave municipal water treatment systems equipment and industrial water treatment systems Characteristics:

1.Microwave energy waste water treatment technology enables waste water treatment project in size (small footprint, is the traditional 1 / 10-1 / 30), has a short process, small footprint, diversified, short construction period, can be saved current waste water treatment works long distance buried large quantities Sewer, blocking the source of pollution; eliminate pollution due to human life and production activities on the rivers and lakes caused fundamentally.

2.Sewage treatment investment units of low intensity, low overall energy consumption, low operating costs; to municipal waste water, for example, the cost of waste water treatment sewage treatment microwave is 0.8 yuan / ton, the cost of conventional water treatment sewage treatment fee is 1.6 RMB / ton, and energy saving is double.

3.Municipal sewage and various industrial waste water treatment, not influenced by environmental temperature and raw sewage pollutant concentration.

4.Effluent effect is good, the process can be free to control the start and stop. Microwave kill cyanobacteria special effect, can completely remove pollutants in waste water to kill pathogens.

5.Realize the sustainable use of water and waste water reuse, the polluted rivers and lakes water into the safety of the industrial and agricultural green water.

6.Microwave energy treatment of high concentration waste water benzene, phenol, to meet emission standards.

7.It can be high concentrations of poor biodegradability of waste water deep treatment.

8.Quick flocculation and sedimentation speed, improved breaking speed and effectiveness.

9.Miniaturization microwave sewage treatment system.

10.The device can be used with a variety of conventional methods such as chemical methods, membrane technology combined to achieve a better practical requirements, reduce pollution and improve the environment, water reuse, help to achieve circular economy.

11.Warm reminder: If this type of device does not meet your requirements, we can be customized according to the requirements of development and design with the parameters you provided, to provide you with a detailed microwave treatment system solutions.


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LFWG20L Industrial Microwave municipal water treatment systems equipment and industrial water treatment systems Device group technical parameters:

1.Microwave equipment consists of: microwave generator, microwave heating chamber, sewage pipes, control and detection systems, racks and cooling systems.

2.Equipment working environment:

Input power: three-phase 380 v ± 5% for 50 hz three-phase five line grounding protection.

Apparent power:27KVA

Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 35 ℃

Relative humidity: ≤85%

No flammable, explosive gases, corrosive gases, less dust

3.Microwave system configuration and parameters:

Microwave frequency: 915 ± 50 MHz

Microwave power: 20 kW

Magnetron: CK - 611-1  1PCS.

Microwave power: split type microwave source.

Waveguide combination: BJ - 9,1set

Cooling mode: magnetron circulating water cooling (soft water).

Cooling water flow rate: magnetron need 30 l/min.

Note: the equipment needed for cooling water circulating device provided by the customer

The whole machine size: 1700 mm * 2300 mm * 3500 mm (length x width x height)

Resonant cavity flow pipe coated 5 mm polystyrene,imported diameter DN125,outlet diameter DN150

Water Treatment:90m³/h

4.Control and detection systems

Cooling with flow switch: avoid opening microwave without water and water-break.

Water temperature protection system: Avoid high water temperature affect the life and efficiency of the magnetron

Microwave source light device: with real-time monitoring of the work of the microwave source and over-temperature condition.

Microwave power regulation: 0-20 kw stepless adjustable

PLC programmable automatic control, touch screen man-machine interface operation, communication with the upper machine.

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