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After-sale Service

WISE Microwave After-sale Service Team

Hunan WISE Microwave Technology Co., Ltd.


WISE Microwave offers a comprehensive product line of standard and customized microwave ovens and
furnaces with different functions, renowned for their quality and flexibility.
The company has specialists and technical professionals devoted exclusively to these services and who
are ready to offer customised solutions that can be translated into profits.
At WISE we are ready to serve you.
Process analysis:
Confirm clients´application, processes, and working conditions of the material.
Technical requirements and specifications of the meant application in terms of working temperature,
working atmosphere, working vacuum degree, chemical composition of material, properties of material,etc,
Advice on and selection of microwave furnace type;
WISE has a tradition spanning 10 years in the manufacture of high-performance microwave sintering furnace,
microwave pyrolysis furnace,microwave muffle furnace, microwave reduction furnace,etc.
On the basis of the client’s needs, WISE selects the optimum furnace for the  specific application, and guarantees
with this choice the best features and performance of furnace under operating conditions.
Assembly and commissioning
WISE not only supplies the components it manufactures, it also has a team of qualified, experienced technicians that
control and supervise the final asemby of the components at the client’s installations.
Experience and professionalism won in a whole host of projects carried out in different industrial plants all over the world.
On other occasions, the customer handles assembly and commissioning and may request WISE to supervise and direct the work.
WISE, international projects that endorse our service.
After sales service
When facing any kind of problem or defect in the parts, or deviations in the process, clients call for a rapid, effective response from their suppliers.
WISE has a Technical After-sales Service made up of experienced technicians to provide clients with the following services:
Replacement of faulty parts and supply and installation of spare parts.
Assistance in emergency situations: rapid mobility to be on the spot and accompany the client.
Training of operators, and production and maintenance technicians.


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