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LF-VA1600-2 Industrial Microwave high Vacuum High Temperature Sintering Furnace

Suitable for a variety of synthesis, reduction, nitriding, roasting, calcination, sintering, heat treatment under atmosphere of inert gas and reduction.


Hunan WISE Microwave high Vacuum sintering Furnace

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LF-VA1600-2Industrial Microwave high Vacuum High Temperature Sintering Furnace product overview:

LF-VA1600-2 Industrial Microwave high Vacuum High Temperature Sintering Furnace is a new generation of experiment, research and development, production of LF-ZK6016 Microwave Vacuum Sintering Furnace,with intelligence, box, energy saving, the integration of the various features, is the use of advanced microwave heating the material directly mode, quickly heating the material quickly reaches a high temperature at the same time, good uniformity, there will be some traditional heating and sintering can not reach, such as uniform, fine grain size, high sintering density, reaction more fully.

2.Be applicable to the vacuum and various atmosphere under the condition of synthesis, such as roasting, heat treatment and sintering process research etc.

3.Fast heating, greatly improve the efficiency of the experiment, adopting vacuum way displacement gas, can greatly save the time of gas replacement.


LF-VA1600-2 Industrial Microwave high Vacuum High Temperature Sintering Furnaceapplication area:

This product is mainly used for microwave ashing, microwave pyrolysis, microwave synthesis, microwave sintering, microwave puffing.Its main applications are as follows:

1.Cement building materials industry: this kind of industry need to muffle furnace for hot working and heat treatment of small workpiece.

2.Pharmaceutical industry: used for drug inspection, medical sample pretreatment, etc.

3.Analysis of the chemical industry: as in the field of water quality analysis, environmental analysis sample processing.Also can be used for oil and its analysis.

4. Coal analysis: for the determination of moisture, ash, volatile, ash melting point analysis, ash composition analysis, elemental analysis. It can also be used as a general ashing furnace.

5.Oxide: metal oxides, molecular sieve catalyst.

6.Ceramicsel:ectronic ceramics,functional ceramics,structural ceramics, daily-use ceramics, heat-resistant ceramics.

7.Atmosphere experiment:high-temperature pyrolysis,powder metallurgy,ceramic metallization,phosphor, battery materials,nano materials, graphite expand,graphene puffing.


Technical specification: 

  Voltage:                       380V±10V 50Hz three-phase 

  Rated Power                 11KW  

(including heating system, control system, cooling system)

Microwave Power         0.015.60KW  variable

Microwave Frequency    2.45GHz

Ultimate Temperature      1600℃

Rated working temperature   1550℃

Heating space                 Φ180×150mm(Dia×H)  (customized size available)

Temperature control           Infrared thermometer and thermocouple

Temperature range             300℃-1800℃

Temperature accuracy         ±0.5%

Control system:  

-Three Model: manual/auto/constant temperature,

-40 segment parameters setting

-PLC, Touch Screen with data storage function,

-Display of real-time curve

-Dynamic Data Screensavers


Microwave leakage          0.5mW/cm2

Alarm System                 Over-temperature alarm,

Over current warning

Furnace door protection      interlockswitch

Exterior Size                 2100mm×1000mm×2000mm (L×W×H)

Floor area                            <1m2



Heating chamber: adopts box type heating chamber structure. The microwave shield grid ensure max safety operation; structure lined with high purity polycrystalline alumina fiber to achieve good temperature uniformity and for superior temperature presevation. It stands for a long service life, good thermal insulation performance, and minimal vacuum outgassing.


Heating control: PID intelligent temperature control module design, can edit 40 segments of temperature heating profile, store 20000 groups of process curves, combined with PLC, etc. to achieve automatic alarm protection functions such as over-pressure, over-temperature, over-current, 7-in or 10-inch touch screen display .


Vacuum System

1. Vacuum configuration: one compound diffustion pump and one rotary vane mechanical pump;

2. Extreme vacuum: ≤10-3Pa (no load, cold state, purified);

3. Vacuum measurement: composite vacuum gauge;

4.Measurement range 1.0 * 105 ~ 1.0 * 10-5Pa

5. Vacuum unit power: 4 KW

6. Advantages: high efficiency, no pollution, low energy consumption, low noise.


Gas System

Gas available: protective gas or reduction gas, one gas or mixed gases. The inflation pressure depends on the material of tube. It consists of manual ball valve, electric magnetic valve, pipeline, pressure sensor, electric contact pressure gauge, and float flow meter. The system can be filled with cooling gas of different pressure according to different temperature segments. The inflation can automatically stop when it reaches setting point.


Water cooling system:

It is used to coool vacuum furnace body, door, vacuum unit, and water-cooled electrodes, and magnetrons. The system is distributed to each cooling part by the main water supply pipe. It uses a round-way water circulation system. Each electrode is equipped with a water flow observer and the main road is equipped with a water pressure alarm system.


Security system:

The safety system includes: water supply cut-off, over-temperature, over-current, rotary vane pump, molecular pump. The equipment has functions such as self-test, fault self-diagnosis, automatic protection, and prevention of misoperation. It has audible and visual alarm prompts and interlocking protection.



the microwave power is produced by 4 independent 1500W magnetrons allowing a maximum output power of 2.8kw. the microwave power is continuously adjustable from 15% to 100%. the mganetrons are water-cooled in order to ensure an optimum cooling and continuous operation at maximum effort.


IX. Microwave Muffle Furnace Installation and Operating Conditions:

1. Environmental conditions

1) Ambient temperature: 5 to 35 ° C

2) Altitude: ≤2000m

3) Environmental relative humidity: 5~60%


2.Power conditions

1) Rated voltage: three phase 380V (± 10V)

2) Rated frequency: 50Hz

3) Distribution power of the whole machine: 11KW


3.Water cooling conditions

1) Water pressure: 0.15MPa

2) Water inlet temperature: 5~35 ℃

4) Water quality requirements: hardness≤60mg/L(CaCO3)


 Warranty Scope:

1. The warranty period is 12 months from the date on which the acceptance representative appointed by both parties signs the acceptance report, or 12 months from the date of shipment.

2. Consumable parts, such as thermocouples, infrared thermometer, tube, crucibles, vacuum gauges, heating elements, fuses, seals, packaging, gaskets, lubricants, and organic solvents, are not covered by the warranty.

3. The supplier is not responsible for the losses caused by the natural wear and tear of the parts, and is not responsible for the damage caused by the improper operation of the user. The user changes the purpose of the equipment or treat inappropriate materials, and apply hardware or softwarenot not provided by the supplier, which is not responsible by the supplier.

Characteristics of LF-VA1600-2 Industrial Microwave high Vacuum High Temperature Sintering Furnace:

1.Heating speed, temperature uniformity, no thermal inertia;

2.using special industrial microwave source,to ensure the continuous and stable operation of device for a long time, microwave output power stepless adjustable,can realize accurate control process curve;

3.Equipped with embedded microcomputer control system, real-time temperature, power display and store records at any time,heating process curve of dynamic process monitoring and can adjust the process parameters,has manual and automatic, constant temperature three operating modes, and can switch freely;

4.A variety of specifications,models of crucibles and special insulation for selection of non-polluting materials;

5.Infrared temperature measurement can be configured with a thermocouple temperature measurement,observation absorbing properties of material changes and temperature uniformity;

6. Set the viewing window, can see material heating status or reaction changes;

7. Equipped with vacuum unit and multiplexer atmosphere control line, into and out of the gas channel individually designed to meet the requirements of different processes of the atmosphere;

8. Machinable processing various microwave properties of different materials, excellent versatility.

9. Safe and reliable microwave shielding design, multiple anti-leak protection.



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l Voltage                  220V±10V 50Hz three-phase 

l Rating power              15KW

l Microwave output power     0.01~5.6KW  variable

l Microwave output frequency  2.45GHz±25MHz

l Max working temperature    1600℃

l Rated working temperature   1550℃

l Sintering space            D180 x 150mm (diameter x length)

l Heating Rate              ≥40℃/min

l Temperature control        Infrared Thermometer

l Temperature range         300℃-1800℃

l Temperature accuracy      ±0.5%

l Control system:  

-Three Model: manual/auto/constant temperature,

-40 segment parameters setting

-PlC, Touch Screen with data storage function,

-Display of real-time curve

-Dynamic Data Screensavers

l Static ultimate vacuum     ≤10-3Pa

l Vacuum System 

- Vacuum pumps, two-way pipeline atmosphere control, could fill oxygenated gas, inert gas, reducing gas and others;

l Speed of sintering platform   4-6rpm

l Mute oil free compressor    0.4~0.7MPa

l Microwave leakage    <0.1mW/cm2

l Alarm System        Over-temperature alarm,

Over current alarm

 Water flow alarm

l Precision Water Chiller    water flow 2m3/h

rated cooling capacity: 7.2KW

l Furnace door protection   Close the door switch

l Overall Dimension        2100mm×2200mm×2000mm (l×W×H)

l Covers                   5m2

TAG:  microwave sintering
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