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WISE Microwave teaches you how to select microwave equipment

Author: langfeng Time: 2020-09-03

There are many types of microwave equipment , different types of equipment have their own characteristics, to be based on the characteristics of goods and you need to deal with (processing) items and requirements to determine the type of equipment. In general it is best to bring your items to test, the test should reach the following head:
1, the quality
Quality is the enterprise of this, the quality must be the first consideration when purchasing equipment to determine the dry and sterilization quality, appearance quality, taste quality, whether to meet your requirements.
2, run
In the test process to observe the operation of microwave equipment, if it is high-volume production equipment, it is best to take a certain amount of material testing to check whether the equipment can be continuous and stable operation, the operation process will be what kind of problem.
3, operation
In the course of the trial should be aware of and observe the use of equipment, operation is convenient, operation and use of inconvenient equipment and can not be continuous and stable operation of the equipment is immature equipment.
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